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Heroes of Football

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Make diversity your project

The main challenge of this project was to ensure that the website would be the focal point for the project, and to ensure that the many different audiences who would visit the site could find the relevant in formation quickly. The need for a social media presence was also a very important channel to communicate to the target audience. Finally the requirement for multiple campaigns throughout the project lifecycle was needed to inform partners and stakeholders what was happening within the project and the increase the audience engagement.


Branding/Graphic Design/Web Design/Project Mgt/Campaign Mgt/Marketing Collateral 


Pan European

The Result

The results showed that the main aims for the project were met successfully. The audience was encouraged to sign a pledge, download the VR application, watch the videos that were created by the media partners, and to participate with your own team at a grass roots level to challenge discrimination.

Over all the site had just over 1 million hits so far, and the tool kits have been downloaded over 2,350 times ensuring the project team that the message has reached the desired audience and targets. The campaigns continue to be forwarded, and incoming requests from football federations have increased.

The documentary will be screened at the 2020 Taiwan LGBTIQ Film Festival at the end of the year.


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